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October 07, 2020

directed by Falk Richter & Anouk Van Dijk
produced by the Muncher Kammerspiele, Munich (Germany) 


September 02, 2020

choreography & concept                Melissa Ugolini
original music score                      Jacopo Mariotti
performance       Jacopo Mariotti, Melissa Ugolini 

supported by Hangartfest 2020, Pesaro (IT)

The Unbearable Lightness of Belonging

May 21, 2020

choreography & concept           Melissa Ugolini
performance                               Melissa Ugolini

supported by PureSpace Istanbul (TR).

Shut your Eye

October 05, 2019

choreography & concept                 Melissa Ugolini
original music score                       Jacopo Mariotti
performance        Jacopo Mariotti, Melissa Ugolini 

video artist                                 Alessandro Rossini

supported by Hangartfest 2019, Pesaro (IT)


July 18, 2019

Choreography Assistant for Carmen, a Macerata Opera Festival 2019 production directed by Jacopo Spirei, conducted by Francesco Lanzillotta and choreographed by Johnny Autin. 


January 17, 2019

performer for Compagnie 7273 - Laurence Yadi et Nicolas Cantillon, Ginevra, Svizzera (2019). 


performer for Aakash Odedra Company's production.

One by One

choreography & concept                   Evrim Akyay
performance           Evrim Akyay, Melissa Ugolini

supported by Akbank Sanat, Istanbul (TR)


Tak - Moving Visagrad Festival

choreography & concept    Evrim Akyay

performer Choreographic Assistant for the residency Moving Visegrad in Istanbul, Turkey. 

La Nuit Tous les Chats Sont Gris - Laurence Yadi & Nicholas Cantillon for Companhia Instavel

performer for Compagnie 7273 - Laurence Yadi et Nicolas Cantillon in co-production with Companhia Instàvel, Porto (PT).

Seyahatname II /Travelogue II - MDTİstanbul - Beyhan Murphy

Modern Dans Topluğu Istanbul's repertoire, directed and choreographed by Beyhan Murphy.

Abide With Me - Akram Khan Company - Cerimonia d'Apertura dei Giochi Olimpici di Londra 2012

Emeli Sande sings "Abide With Me" performed by the Akram Khan Dance Company.

Dalgalar - Andonis Foniadakis per MDTİstanbul

creation for Modern Dance Topluğu Istanbul, choreographed by Andonis Foniadakis. 

Mantra - İhsan Rüstem per MDTİstanbul

creation for Modern Dans Topluğu Istanbul, choreographed by  İhsan Rüstem.

Relic / after-RAu - Korhan Başaran

Interwoven - Carmen Vilches - Lamat Dance Company

Şehir Orman/Urban Jungle - MDTIstanbul - Beyhan Murphy

Ezel Bahar - Bedirhan Dehmen for MDTİstanbul

Alis Yıldızların Altında / Alice Under the Stars - Michael Popper per MDTİstanbul

Güldestan / Rose Garden - Beyhan Murphy - MDTİstanbul

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