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Shut your Eye - Melissa Ugolini & Jacopo Mariotti

October 05, 2019

work in progress commissioned by Hangartfest 2019.

presented on the 06.10.2019 at Chiesa della Maddalena. choreography & performance Melissa Ugolini 
music & performance Jacopo Mariotti 

Lo spettacolo racconta un’oscurità che abbraccia, che conforta, creando spazio e silenzio, offrendosi come luogo di infinite possibilità creative, come momento di vulnerabilità. Un’occasione per chiudere gli occhi e percepire la vera vibrazione della nostra anima.

Carmen - Macerata Opera Festival 2019

July 18, 2019

Choreography Assistant for the Macerata Opera Festival 2019 production of G. Bizet's Carmen, conducted by Francesco Lanzillotta, directed by Jacopo Spirei and choreographed by Johnny Autin. 

Nuit - Cie 7273 Laurence Yadi & Nicolas Cantillon

January 17, 2019

NUIT réinvente la perception et l’interprétation d’un mouvement chorégraphique dans une quasi pénombre. Cette expérience a pour but de créer une multitude de ressentis face à un acte chorégraphique exempt de narration explicite.

#jesuis - Aakash Odedra Company

Aakash Odedra's new production with an ensemble of Turkish dancers and dancers living in the Middle East deals with the themes of displacement, identity and erosion of freedom. 

One by One - Evrim Akyay & Melissa Ugolini

A story told through simple images and ideas about the unlikely so simple relationship between two human beings.

Tak - Moving Visagrad Festival

“Moving Visegrad” contemporary dance choreographic residency is part of the 3rd Visegrad- Turkish Culture Festival that aims to promote the culture of the Visegrad region, including Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. 
Throughout the two-week contemporary dance choreographic, the group of five dancers will work with the choreographer Evrim Akyay.

La Nuit Tous les Chats Sont Gris - Laurence Yadi & Nicholas Cantillon for Companhia Instavel

“All cats are grey in the dark” is a proverb inspiredby a physiological phenomenon: at night, when the light is low, the three types of cones in our retina, are not sufficiently sensitive.If facts are not illuminated. Things are no longer beautiful, or ugly, or good or bad. The play “La nuit tous les chats sont gris” seeks to reinvent perception and interpretation of choreographic movement in semi-darkness. - Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon

Seyahatname II /Travelogue II - MDTİstanbul - Beyhan Murphy

In Travelogue reload Murphy takes the audience on a multidimensional journey inspired by the spiritual expeditions of the successful Turkish author Elif Şafak and by excerpts from the works of Evliya Chelebi, the famous traveller and chronicler from 17th century Istanbul. 2011. He is sometimes referred to as the Turkish Marco Polo. The music of Burak Güven, bass-guitarist of Mor ve Ötesi, is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary music from Turkey.  

Abide With Me - Akram Khan Company - London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Emeli Sande sings "Abide With Me" with dance from the Akram Khan Dance Company.

Dalgalar - Andonis Foniadakis for MDTİstanbul

A high-paced, extremely physical performance that takes the audience soaring through a journey of swirls and different dynamics.

Mantra - İhsan Rüstem for MDTİstanbul

Relic / after-RAu - Korhan Başaran

Interwoven - Carmen Vilches - Lamat Dance Company

Interwoven is the result of a multicultural research based in Granada (Spain) that brought together dancers and musicians from very different backgrounds, sharing their own cultural heritage and mixing disciplines. 
Interwoven combines Contemporary Dance from artists based in the UK and Spain, with Flamenco, Bulgarian Folk dance and Bulgarian Folk music.

Şehir Orman/Urban Jungle - MDTIstanbul - Beyhan Murphy

The play is inspired by Rudyard Kipling's novel "Jungle Book" and it has been adapted for the stage as a social responsibility project. Şehir Orman, which is designed as a "modern dance-drama in two acts, appeals to everyone from 7 to 70", is accompanied by a fun and thought-provoking approach to youth and environmental issues that are closely related to society. 

Ezel Bahar - Bedirhan Dehmen for MDTİstanbul

Alis Yıldızların Altında / Alice Under the Stars - Michael Popper for MDTİstanbul

Dance-theatre play inspired from Lewis Carrol's original novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". 

Güldestan / Rose Garden - Beyhan Murphy - MDTİstanbul

Murphy and Mercan Dede created "Güldestan" starting with the idea of the nomadic roots of Turkish society. In free-form language, they bring to the stage past and present lives along with their inner search. This new journey, which Murphy set out upon with the repertoire she has established over the last 10 years, gains a new breath of life with Dede's musical interpretation. It is a fusion of contemporary and classical elements; it represents both a re-interpretation and a development of her past and present work.

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